Writing Instructions:

Please write at least 500 words of new, original, and SEO optimized webpage copy, to be placed on this URL: https://www.gettysburgflag.com/american-flags/usa-parade - This is a product category-level page specific to small American flags.

Write with your audience in mind:

The content you create should be tailored to the audience that would organically land on this page: consumers, business owners, and organizations interested in purchasing small flags for parades, memorials, and school patriotic events. The content must encourage the reader to purchase via Gettysburg Flag Works; it can also be informative and speak to the fan base most likely to land here.

The content must be optimized for SEO value:

The following three SEO keyword phrases must be included 2-4 times each within the writing sample copy. They must be used organically and grammatically. Keyword application should in no way detract from the readability or quality of the content provided.

The three (3) keyword phrases you must apply are:

  1. small American flag
  2. American stick flags
  3. mini American flag

Please incorporate the keywords using (parentheses). For example: We have high-quality (American stick flags) in stock and ready to ship.

Include Links to Authoritative Websites:

Within the writing sample, please incorporate three (3) external links to authoritative, supplemental information. Each link should be applied using hyperlinked anchor text. All anchor text should be unique and describe the content being linked to. Use a variety of authoritative sources, such as .gov, .edu, k12, .org, ac.uk - .com links are allowed, but must be trusted and valuable.

When incorporating links, please DO NOT:

Be Original!

All submitted writing samples MUST pass Copyscape’s premium search.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

If you have questions or concerns regarding the instructions provided or the expectations of this writing sample, please contact staff@onlinewritingjobs.com.